April 01, 2015 / Week N° 14

Brazil releases fifth seedless grape variety

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November 5th, 2013

The name Isis will join Brazil’s growing list of seedless grape varieties developed by the Brazilian Agricultural Research Corporation (EMBRAPA).grapes mixed in box _ ffp

The fruit will be the fifth of its kind from the organization, preceded in the past decade by Clara, Linda, Morena and Vitória.

All of the varieties were developed in the hot and dry city of Petrolina in Pernambuco. The research location can give Brazilian growers confidence that they are growing a locally verified product, said EMPRAPA grape technology director for Rio Grande do Sul, Alexandre Hoffmann.

“Brazil is on the forefront of diverse technological areas. It is also on the forefront of new grapes, with and without seeds, for producers,” Hoffmann said in Agricultura.ruralbr.com.br.

With greater availability of seedless varieties, Hoffmann told the Brazilian publication that grape production in Petrolina has increased alongside availability on the local market.

“There has been an increase in demand and competition in the external market. This caused an increase in supply on the Brazilian market. This means the possibility for today’s consumer to have access to a higher quality product than a few years back when  it was costly and imported,” he said.

Hoffmann indicated that in 2012 Brazil produced 1.5 million tons (MT) of grapes with and without seeds, 600 MT of which went to fresh consumption.



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