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U.S. breeders release new nectarine and peach varieties

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November 9th, 2012

Fruit breeders from the United States have announced two new nectarine varieties and one new peach variety, ideal for growing conditions found in the mid-south and southern parts of the country.

Souvenir peaches. Photo: University of Arkansas

Developed at the University of Arkansas, the varieties resist bacterial spot, which is an important factor in southern stonefruit growing.

Cumberland Valley Nursery in Tennessee, where the breeds are available, provided descriptions of each new variety. John Clark, head of the breeding team, was not available for comment at the time of the announcement.

Bowden nectarines are a white, non-melting variety with standard acidity, ripening after Bradley nectarines. It is the first white nectarine from the university program.

The second nectarine breed, the Amoore Sweet, has a yellow-orange color, non-melting flesh and low acid.

Both can be stored up to three weeks and have firm flesh, according to the press release.

The peach variety, the Souvenir, has yellow coloring and low acidity with a freestone to semi-freestone. The variety ripens shortly after Red Haven peaches and is slow melting, similar to White County and White Diamond varieties. It is the program’s first fresh-market, yellow-flesh peach.

All three varieties ripen in early July or mid-summer.

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