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Avocados in Charts: Prices are jumping, will this year be like 2017?

While pricing isn't expected to be maintained, current prices are nearly unprecedented and reflect similar prices to 2017's market boom for avocados.
February 24 , 2020

Trends in tropical fruit, Brooks Tropicals on what's gaining momentum

Brooks Tropicals told us what it anticipates will be trendy in upcoming months, suggests consumers wait for perfectly ripe star fruit and passion fruit.
February 21 , 2020

Project to fight drought losses for avocados and table grapes in Chile

Chilean efforts involve new irrigation systems to help farmers confront water scarcity, though there is still progress to be made.
February 20 , 2020

Del Monte Produce falls short of Q4 expectations, strong overall for 2019

In 2019 it focused on "strengthening core businesses", driving an increase in profits even if dips in pricing and complications led to an underwhelming Q4.
February 19 , 2020

Chilean avocado industry expects to gain entrance to South Korean market in 2020

Chile announced it expects first shipments of avocados to South Korea could be sent as early as next season after South Korean officials visited orchards.
February 18 , 2020

Avocados In Charts: Documenting the rise of Mexican avocados

This In Charts focuses on the progression of the presence of Mexican avocados in the U.S. market after the industry saw record breaking volumes in 2019.
February 17 , 2020

Coronavirus: Chilean exports to China could lose nearly US$100 million

Chile's government has held talks on how to mitigate losses, re-direct shipments and preserve fruit amid coronavirus's ripple effects on China's market.
February 14 , 2020

Mission Produce talks South African avocado plans and California expectations

Mission Produce's director of marketing Denise Junqueiro and VP of global sourcing Keith Barnard say the company has big plans in its newest sourcing region.
February 13 , 2020

Ecuador: Strategies for strengthening the fruit industry

Ecuadorian official explains how the industry faces barriers, combats pests and grows key categories like pineapples to better position its exports.
February 12 , 2020

LGS Specialty Sales announces strong start to the Morocco W. Murcott season

February 07 , 2020