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U.S.: New blackberries to hit shelves, announces Driscoll's

Making it the last berry to complete the company's line of proprietary "Sweetest Batch" berries, it says that innovating new blackberries is essential.
February 21 , 2020

Peruvian exporters note complications from coronavirus

China's coronavirus will have lasting impacts that will be more complicated than a "simple fall in prices," says Peruvian export association.
February 21 , 2020

Coronavirus: Chilean exports to China could lose nearly US$100 million

Chile's government has held talks on how to mitigate losses, re-direct shipments and preserve fruit amid coronavirus's ripple effects on China's market.
February 14 , 2020

New eco-friendly disinfectant developed by Chilean company

After years of development, disinfectant Dacetix, made with eco-friendly compounds, is preparing for commercial roll-out with various partnerships in Chile.
February 13 , 2020

Rainier Fruit family grower, Allan Bros. Fruits unveils state-of-the-art packing line

February 12 , 2020

Blueberries in Charts: Chilean blueberries see lowest prices in 20 years, are the industry's good days long gone?

Industry representatives say that it's time to face the "inevitability" that the market just isn't what it was twenty years ago, despite booming volumes.
February 11 , 2020

Peruvian blueberry exports rose 50% in 2019

ADEX explains why key markets - the U.S. and the Netherlands - saw increased Peruvian blueberry imports, while exports to China rose 112%.
February 10 , 2020

Hortifruit buys non-controlling stake in Portuguese berry producer

Euroberry - Hortifruit's commerical platform - will be responsible for selling BFruit's berries, the companys says it has big plans already in the works.
February 06 , 2020

NZ: T&G Global and Plant & Food Research and Carsol to form blueberry breeding partnership

The breeding program will produce new varieties of that will provide improved yield and resistance to disease while also delivering consumers larger, tastier berries over a longer period, with an extended harvest season.
February 05 , 2020

Five new blueberry varieties introduced by Fall Creek

Expanding its offerings, Fall Creek announced four new blueberry varieties for mid and high chill growing environments and one for low-chill regions.
February 05 , 2020