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Promotable Latin American blueberry volumes en route to U.S.

Mexican blueberries are on the road to Philadelphia. Peruvian blueberries are already landing in the Philadelphia seaport. So begins the 2022-23 Latin American blueberry season.
September 22 , 2022

IBO’s 2022 Global State of the Blueberry Industry Report available for free

As global fresh and processed highbush blueberry volumes near 1.8 million metric tons, this report provides an in-depth analysis of data and trends of the industry worldwide.
September 20 , 2022

Agronometrics in Charts: Mexican organic blueberries gaining popularity slowly but steadily

Volumes of Mexican blueberry this season, in week 36 stood at approximately 140,000 tons, showing a 24 percent increase compared to the same period in the previous season.
September 15 , 2022

North American blueberry deal coming to end for 2022

Industry leaders indicate it was a good season, although production areas saw decreased volume with disappointing crop set in the spring and then some subsequent weather issues.
September 08 , 2022

Agronometrics in Charts: Washington Blueberry Commission predicts a record breaking blueberry harvest

This season, the Washington Blueberry Commission is projecting the biggest blueberry harvest that the state has ever had; 24,000 total acres are expected to yield 180 million pounds this season.
August 25 , 2022

Notification tool helps blueberry growers control disease

The Blueberry Advisory System notified growers to spray fungicide when fruit rot was more likely to develop, working to help minimize fruit rot and improve crop yields.
August 17 , 2022

Agronometrics in Charts: Peruvian blueberry exports reaching record highs

Peruvian blueberry exports increased by 119% in the first half of the year, totaling 146.5 million dollars, according to PROMPERÚ. 
August 17 , 2022

Blueberry Country looks to hire Assistant Orchard Manager

The leading New Zealand blueberry grower, is looking to hire an Assistant Orchard Manager to oversee the blueberry harvest in the company’s Otautau (Southland) orchard.
August 15 , 2022

UF study shows why ‘aromatic’ blueberries taste better

Scientists at the University of Florida discovered that the 'aromatic' blueberries contain the right genetic combination to produce the chemistry required for a pleasant blueberry flavor.
August 05 , 2022

Peruvian blueberry season to exceed 250,000 tons in exports

So far this season, more than 10,000 tons of Peruvian blueberries have been exported, which is in line with Proarándanos' projections.
August 04 , 2022