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Avocado Exports: Chile slips while South Africa and Peru grow

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Avocado Exports: Chile slips while South Africa and Peru grow

Chile’s Avocado exports will fall some 36% during the 2010/11 season compared to the previous year while Peru and South Africa will grow exports of the fruit by 10 and 11%, respectively.

Chile will see a drop in the total volume of avocado exports during the 2010/11 season due to a diverse set of factors, including the biennial nature of the crop as well as frosts in July of this year. This reality contrasts with that of Peru and South Africa, which are expected to see an increase in exports this season.

According to projections published in a report by produce consulting firm iQonsulting, the drop in Chilean avocado shipments will reach 36%. In total 125,000 tons will be shipped this season compared to the 194,700 tons exported during the 2009/10 season.

For its part Peru will experience an increase of around 11% to reach 53,500 tons this season compared to the 48,300 tons exported last year. South Africa will grow 10% thus passing the 40,200 tons of avocado exported last year to 44,400 tons this season. Both countries are set to finish their 2010 seasons shortly.

Chilean exports start during week 22 and up to week 32 exporters have shipped 3,300 tons, or 86% less than at the same time last year. According to iQonsulting these shipments have been focused on the United States and Argentina, both with a 50% share.

In regards to US market conditions for avocado, iQonsulting has not seen an “attractive demand” for imported avocados, due to a wide offer from local growers following a large harvest of Californian avocados.

In the case of Peru, as of week 33, some 50,600 tons have been exported, which amounts to an increase of 12% when compared year-over-year. The principal receiving markets of Peruvian avocado have been Holland (46% share) and Spain (33% share).

South Africa has exported 40,000 tons as of week 34, an increase of 7% compared to the same period last year and an estimated 90% of their total export volume for this season. The principal market is the European Union, as has been the case historically.

Source: Fresh Fruit Portal

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