marks official launch at PMA's Fresh Summit 2010 - marks official launch at PMA's Fresh Summit 2010

Featured Top Stories Most Read Today's Headline marks official launch at PMA's Fresh Summit 2010 has marked its official launch at the International Partner's Reception of the PMA's Fresh Summit 2010. The reception was sponsored in part by Fresh Fruit Portal and brought together PMA members and guests from around the world.

The Fresh Summit brings together an estimated 18,500 produce professionals from around the world and was held this year in Orlando, Florida and Fresh Fruit Portal & Portal Fruticola are the heart of the expo floor to follow the latest of the produce trade.

The event, one of the largest in the produce industry worldwide, includes workshops, seminars, a large expo floor with over 900 booths, industry association receptions and more.

This year’s event continues to take on issues such as traceability, technology innovation, local and organic food sourcing with the chatter of the supply chain planning and negotiating for year to come.

Attendees signing up for's trip to Patagonia giveaway

Some highlights:


The opening reception, hosted by The Chilean Fresh Fruit Industry marked the start of the event.


The Expo kicked off after the PMA’s president and CEO Brian Silberman made his annual address in the morning. The address was followed by the awarding of the PMA’s Impact awards for the most effective packaging and presentations that most impacted consumers. This year’s six winners were:

  • Chiquita Brands International for Artisanal Salads
  • Clear Lam Packaging, Inc. and Apio, Inc. (joint submission) for New Pink Platter to Benefit the Fight Against Breast Cancer
  • Del Monte Fresh Produce, Inc. and Robbie (joint submission) for Cored Del Monte Gold Extra Sweet Pineapple Cylinder in a Flexible Pouch
  • Hanline Farms for Fresh & Ready Vegetables
  • Mastronardi Produce Ltd. for Sunset Candy Tomato Multipack
  • T. Marzetti for Simply Dressed


The expo continues with workshops in the morning covering the use of social media in the produce supply chain, buying local trends, water usuage issues and more. Sunday night will open the International Partner’s reception, sponsored in part by

At we continue to greet attendees at booth 365 and tour the countless aisles of the expo show floor.

For Monday, the final day, more workshops and the final day of the expo before the event wraps up at 2pm.

Source: from Orlando, Florida.

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