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“La Niña” to benefit Peruvian growers, expert says

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“La Niña” to benefit Peruvian growers, expert says

The weather phenomenon known as “La Niña” will work in favor for Peruvian produce growers along the country’s coast, ag-news site Agraria.pe reported.

Quoting Abraham Levy, director of Infoclim@, a weather consultant for growers, the report said that the cooling of the Pacific Ocean will bring favorable conditions for crops, especially for asparagus, grape and mango growers along the country’s coast.

Weather patterns have tended toward warmer winters in the last four years, which  has had a negative effect on growers, especially for asparagus. However since May, temperatures have been low,  improving the final yield and quality of harvests.

The number of cold days on the coast has meant a greater rate of flowering for mango trees, which according to the site could bring a harvest of around 80,000 metric tons this year.

“In general all the crops are seeing benefits. I would point out a mild delay in the grape harvest, which will be compensated by the delay in Californian grape harvests and the impact of frosts in Chile,” Levy added.

La Niña is characterized by unusually cold temperatures in the eastern equatorial Pacific Ocean.

Source: www.freshfruitportal.com

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