NZ company launches new blueberry varieties -

NZ company launches new blueberry varieties

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NZ company launches new blueberry varieties

Turners & Growers Limited (NZX: TUR) CEO Jeff Wesley has announced the company is developing four different blueberry varieties over 30 hectares in the Kerikeri region, in a bid to extend the selling season both at home and internationally.

“There’s increasing demand in Asian markets for blueberries and New Zealand fruit is recognized as some of the best in the world," he said.

"For New Zealand’s horticultural exports to increase in volume and return, we must constantly innovate through high-value new varieties that will deliver outstanding taste, flavour and texture to increasingly discerning customers."

The O’Neal, Centra Blue, Island Blue and Nui variety blueberries will be grown by the company's Kerifresh orchads and sold under the new ENZABlue brand globally.

Kerifresh general manager Alan Kerr said the company was investing NZ$1.3 million (US$976,700) to convert old lemon orchards into blueberry orchards, with the first 10 hectares already under development.

“Once in full development, this investment in blueberries will create another 34 full time equivalent jobs here in Kerikeri. We will also invest in a dedicated post harvest facility for packing the fruit," he said.

Photo: Turners & Growers


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