Chile: 66% of fruit farmers in the red -

Chile: 66% of fruit farmers in the red

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Chile: 66% of fruit farmers in the red

Chile's fruit industry is currently in the worst profitability crisis in its history with two thirds of farmers in the red, Fedefruta president Antonio Walker told

Walker highlighted the high cost of labor and energy was a major factor contributing to the industry's difficulties, combined with the challenges of a high U.S. dollar.

The union leader told the website that demonstrations could be a likelihood if the problem was not resolved.

"We see a government that is absolutely indifferent to the problem and has not taken in the weight of what has happened. It is paralyzed in the face of the low dollar. The rural world is very disillusioned with the current government for not taking the measures it promised," Walker was quoted as saying.

The union is trying to negotiate long-term credits, measures to reduce energy costs and incentives for hiring labor in the industry, the story reported.


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