Chile hails Chinese TV grape promotion success -

Chile hails Chinese TV grape promotion success

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Chile hails Chinese TV grape promotion success

Marketing company The Foodlinks has highlighted the success of a campaign promoting Chilean grapes in China through television home shopping.

The FoodLinks business executive Cristián Orellana, says the new platform had a 50% to 80% higher sales rate than traditional forms of trade, while incorporating Chinese values and local consumers enjoying the product.

"The Chinese consumer has a different concept of diet. They eat in a special way to maintain their health - all fresh produce is highly consumed by the Chinese," he says.

"The fruit is also given as a gift, as is the case with Chinese New Year and cherries for example."

In the advertisement itself the presenter explained fruit seasonality and how Chilean grapes were the only supply available in the springtime, although competitors may dispute this.

"This season is the best to eat grapes, but at this moment the only country that produces them is Chile," she said

"If you want to have a healthy body this spring you should try Chilean grapes. You could eat this fruits while travelling or when you invite your friends.

"This exclusive fruit from Chile is your best option."

According to statistics released by Chile's Office of Agriculture Studies and Policy (ODEPA), the South American country's fresh grape exports values to China have risen 62% this year to US$34.2 million, representing 23, 796 metric tons (MT).

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