Costa Rican govt 'greenwashing' pineapple problems -

Costa Rican govt 'greenwashing' pineapple problems

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Costa Rican govt 'greenwashing' pineapple problems

A Costa Rican pineapple contamination victims group has criticized the government's sustainability scheme as 'green make-up', website reported.

The 'National Platform for Responsible Pineapple Production and Trade' was launched in June following reports of pesticide use contaminating water supplies and damaging biodiversity.

The platform was said to involve dialogue between producers, exporters, communities and public institutions, with the goal of promoting research and environmental protection.

But the National Front of Sectors Affected by Pineapple Production (FRENASAPP) says the campaign was only designed to increase international sales and reduce the effects of complaints from communities, the story reported.

A FRENASAPP representative told the website the legal complaints of communities affected by pineapple pesticide use had not yet been heard by state institutions, who instead defended the pineapple companies.

The front also questioned why the new platform has not yet conducted a comprehensive study to determine the harm pineapple farming causes in surrounding communities.

"This situation highlights the lack of response on the part of public institutions to the detriment of the human right to life, health, a healthy environment, access to water and dignified work in the affected communities, " the FRENASAPP representative was quoted as saying.

"Since 2008 we have requested that a moratorium be declared on pineapple plantation expansion, until there is proper planting of the crop, exercising due control with studies that show current activities are not having an effect on the environment, communities and health.

"The problem is structural and taking on the Pineapple Platform is 'green makeup' or 'greenwashing', so it looks like the production model is sustainable and environmentally friendly, but with the only clear intention that it increases pineapple sales in the international market."

The story reported Costa Rica exported 4.117 million metric tons (MT) in 2010.

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Photo: El Pais

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