Chile to pitch gourmet Pica lemons in Europe -

Chile to pitch gourmet Pica lemons in Europe

A Chilean innovation foundation is working with authorities to start gourmet Pica lemon exports to Europe within eight months.

The project will involve 20 different growers and seek to differentiate lemons from the Pica region, which are renowned for their use in Pisco Sour cocktails. The development program was officially signed by Pica Mayor Iván Infante and VisualNACert project leader Lucía Iborra.

The VisualNACert side of the project under Fundación Chile's Platform of Entrepreneurship.

The Pica lemon is in fact more similar to a lime but is distinguished by its different aroma and juice content, and will be branded under the name 'Limón de Pica Gourmet', or 'Gourmet Pica Lemon'.

The project seeks to develop sustainable agriculture in the region and to provide added value to not just the region's lemons but other niche products.

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Photo: Fundación Chile