Mexico's guava exports to the U.S. continue to rise

December 28 , 2011

Mexico's guava exports to the U.S. have increased by a modest 5% from January to September this year, compared with last year's 28% surge, according to government statistics.

The Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock, Rural Development and Fishing (SAGARPA) said since 2008 when Mexico was given export access to the U.S., volumes have climbed from 839 metric tons (MT) to more than 4,300MT for 2010, representing 400% growth.

Agribusiness promotion undersecretary Ernesto Fernández Arias, said guava sales to the U.S. in 2008 accounted for 38% of the market, growing to 90% in 2010.

He added that in 2010, 22,000 hectares of land was devoted to growing guava delivering 305,000MT with Aguascalientes, Michoacán and Zacatecas producing 90% of the national total.

According to United Nations Food and Agriculture statistics, Mexico is one of the top four countries for producing guavas and is the largest grower in Central and South America.

Other countries where Mexico exports the fruit are Canada, Guatemala, Japan, France and Poland.

Arias said guava is used commercially to produce jams, concentrates and purees and surpasses oranges in vitamin A, B1, B2, B12 and C levels.



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