Mexico continues to rank highly in guavas and citrus

December 19 , 2012

As of November, Mexico had produced 255,451 tons (MT) of guava for the year, according to the nation's Agriculture, Livestock, Rural Development, Fishing and Food Service (SAGARPA).

The SAGARPA reported output ranks Mexico third in the world for guava production behind India and Pakistan. It does, however, indicate a drop from the 2011 total of 290,659 MT.

The Agri-food and Fisheries Information Service (SIAP) reported that the state of Michoacan accounts for about half of production. Combined with the states of Aguascalientes, Zacatecas and Mexico, these four areas produced 97% of output.

SAGARPA considers guava among Mexico's 20 most important fruit items. According to SIAP, in 2011, the industry had an economic value of around MXN$190 million (US$14.9 million) and employed approximately 9,200 farm workers.


Mexico also reported on its citrus output, with SIAP indicating that the nation is the fifth largest citrus producer worldwide.

As of November, the country had produced around 3.2 million MT of oranges, 1.9 million MT of limons and 322,166 MT of grapefruit.

On average, Mexico produces annually 4.1 million MT of oranges, 1.9 million MT of limons and 401,000 MT of grapefuit, ranking the country fifth, second and third respectively for each fruit worldwide.


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