Indian scientists on path to improve fruit shelf life

December 27 , 2012

Scientists in India have developed a coating with the potential to keep fruits on the shelf for up to two weeks longer, the Times of India reported.

Kinnow, Photo: SirSadiq

Indian Institute of Natural Resins and Gums (IINRG) researchers successfully tested the water-soluble coating on the citrus fruit kinnow and are conducting research on other produce such as oranges, apples, gourds and eggplants.

IINRG scientist S.K. Pandey said that given successful kinnow testing, specialized coatings are being made for other fruits that take their individual composition into account.

He said the lac-based product has the potential to revolutionize fruit and vegetable storage.

“The coating, which is water soluble and (has been) tested for food quality, increases shelf life of fruits and also preserves moisture,” Pandey told The Times of India.

“This helps in long-distance transportation of fruits and helps in getting a wider market. Farmers can wait for a longer period and sell only when they get good profit.”

The product functions by preserving moisture and protecting produce from germs.

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