Uruguay and U.S. close to citrus trade agreement

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Uruguay and U.S. close to citrus trade agreement

Uruguay could make its first citrus exports to the United States as early as June, according to Martín Calcagno of Citrícola Salteña's commercial department.assorted-citruses_64989985

"We're very close. The North American authorities have to sign on to give authorization. Supposedly we’ve been advancing for years but last year we moved forward a lot. If they allow us this year, this year we’ll be able to export," Calcagno told www.freshfruitportal.com.

"Right now we don’t know. Negotiations have been going on for 10 years. What’s lacking is some pressure from our government so that they finish the signing."

Alejandro Mernies of Uruguay's Department of Agriculture also confirmed to the media that a deal to export beef and citrus fruits to the U.S. is in the works.

"It all depends on them and not on us. The Uruguayan standards have risen to the occasion,  without any objections of a technical nature to prevent the export of both items," Mernies told Uruguay's La Red 21.

Once exports do start, Calcagno said business would begin on a small scale to allow familiarity on both sides of the market.

"The first export wouldn’t just be Caputto or Citrícola Salteña. The first export from our company would be with another Uruguayan exporter," he explained.

"After, each one will make their own clients but from what we understand, the first exports will be done with other businesses and the ministry."

Uruguay's citrus export season runs from mid-February to the end of October.


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