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'Yeti F is just a fertilizer', says NZ kiwifruit grower

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'Yeti F is just a fertilizer', says NZ kiwifruit grower

New Zealand authorities allowed for the re-entry of fertilizer Yeti F on Jan. 25 following a ban that lasted two weeks, according to kiwifruit grower Chris Dunn. kiwi-gold_56346145 _ small

Dunn, who is the director of Yeti importer Perazim Technology, told www.freshfruitportal.com the product's use was blocked after a Dutch news site picked up a Radio New Zealand story in which he discussed the biological benefits of the fertilizer.

The interpretation of his interview led to the perception Yeti had been used as an unauthorized treatment for Psa disease.

"I went into the details as to what happened on the orchard. When I explained what it was they left bits out, and the way it was worded looked as if I’d said it cured Psa, which was not the intention at all," he said.

"As far as New Zealand is concerned, we’re definitely treating it as a fertilizer, because to make a claim that the product works after a short period of time is ridiculous; we couldn't make that claim even if we wanted to.

"Yeti is just a fertilizer and if it has a beneficial effect on Psa that’s an actual bonus - the product in anecdotal evidence is showing improved fruit size and higher dry matter in the fruit, which leads to fruit sweetness or taste."

He added other noticeable benefits from the fertilizer's use were bigger leaves and better leaf color, and all these benefits would likely exist regardless of any Psa presence.

Dunn is trialing the fertilizer on 25 hectares of kiwifruit in Katikati and Te Puke. He said the product still needed to be trialed for many years before its true impacts could be known.


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