Ultraport "agrees" to strikers' demands, workers not satisfied

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Ultraport "agrees" to strikers' demands, workers not satisfied

An argument over lunch break times has caused around US$270 million worth of losses to Chile's fruit sector, as well as a harvest halt across 40,000 hectares of landUltraport _ Pio cl

The port operator at the center of Chile's debilitating strikes claims it has offered to comply with union demands, but workers have rejected the proposal with manifestations ongoing.

Ultraport, which operates the northern port of Angamos in Mejillones, issued a release highlighting it agreed to requests from the port's Syndicate number 2 as a sign of commitment to its employees, their families and the country.

The release said it provided two options to the syndicate: either they take a 30-minute lunch break with a 7.5-hour working day, or each worker could receive a CLP3,200 (US$6.80) compensation per shift.

However, the syndicate has rejected this offer as members want a 7-hour work day.

Ultraport offered to back out of a Recurso de Proteccion (Resource Protection) against the workers, which is a jurisdictional action against illegal acts, while also proposing to reinstate workers who had previously not been called for shifts.

"We have made absolutely every effort to end this deadlock, which today makes no sense because we have fulfilled all requests," Ultraport general manager Matías Laso said in the release.

"We welcomed even those (requests) that were added to defend very particular interests, all with the goal of ending this movement that has jeopardized the labor source and safety of a large part of our workforce, and that has done enormous damage to the regional and national economies."

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