Arsonists attack customs offices at key Chilean port

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Arsonists attack customs offices at key Chilean port

Customs offices in the Chilean city of Valparaiso fell victim to arson early yesterday morning, following attacks by still unknown individuals armed with molotov cocktails, local media reported.

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At least five broken glass bottles equipped with cloth wicks were found at the Valparaiso port building, La Tercera reported. Guards at the facility were able to set the fire out and no injuries or damages were recorded.

Local police said they would be reviewing security camera footage to identify responsible actors, reported.

Due to ongoing strike action, the port had already been placed under police protection, a factor that could further complicate port access.

The attacks come as Chilean port strikes become increasing complicated and threat to shut down fruit harvest starting Friday.

Work stoppage at the San Antonio shipping port has left storage facilities at capacity, putting 40,000 acres of still unharvested fruit with no where to go.

Photo: Flickr, Hector Garcia

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