South Africa: citrus build-up brings Port of Durban delays

May 13 , 2013

A build-up of stock and operational problems have led to citrus export delays from the Port of Durban, according to an update from the Citrus Growers Association (CGA) of Southern Africa. assorted citrus small

In a newsletter, CGA CEO Justin Chadwick cited several causes for the issue, including the delayed approval of the registered list for China, “system failure” from Navis at the Durban Container Terminals, a need to inspect more fruit and increased lemon and grapefruit volumes.

“So far total production from the north up by 900,000 cartons and citrus diverted away from Maputo is heading for Durban,” he said on Friday.

He highlighted a temporary request from the FPT terminal not to receive citrus railings las week, as well as the fact China-bound fruit would be taking off, relieved pressure to some extent.

He highlighted an increasing number of trucks was expected to enter the port this year with citrus volume diverted from Maputo, which was expected to put capacity under pressure.

“Growers need to check with their export agent and cold store to ensure that their fruit (and trucks) will not be unnecessarily delayed when arriving in the port.

“The four-day E.U. threshold should be achieved as far as possible to reduce the impact and cost of unnecessary inspections at ports’ cold stores.”

He added South Africa’s first citrus shipment to Japan for the season left on Thursday.


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