Colombian government and FARC come to ag agreement

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Colombian government and FARC come to ag agreement

The Colombian government and the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC) have taken a "critical step" toward agricultural reform and rural development, according to the nation's president, José Manuel Santos. Colombia _ Foto aerea de Ipiales Autor Luis Eduardo Bernal M - Wikimedia Commons

In part of ongoing peace talks between the two entities, the agreement made in Havana, Cuba covers six points, including agriculture.

"We truly celebrate this critical step taken in Havana toward a full agreement to put an end to this half-decade conflict," Santos said on his Twitter account.

"We will continue the process with prudence and responsibility."

In a joint statement, the negotiating table announced that a consensus was made regarding land use and access, non-productive lands, the formalization of property, agricultural borders and protection of reserve zones.

Agreements were also made regarding territorial development programs, infrastructure and land improvement, and rural development for health, education, housing and poverty eradication.

Minister of Agriculture Juan Camilo Restrepo welcomed the agreement, titled "Towards a New Colombian Agriculture: Comprehensive Rural Reform."

"While the methodology recalls the concept of 'nothing is negotiated until everything is negotiated,' it is no less certain that concluding the agricultural agenda is an important step towards solidifying the peace process," the minister told the media.

"This is an ambitious program that places rural Colombians as its central focus by providing land and a series of rural development programs of great encouragement and magnitude. In the coming years, these will allow rural Colombians to get closer to the indicators enjoyed by those in the country's urban centers."

United Nation General Secretary Ban Ki-moon called the agreement a significant achievement and step forward.

The Havana meeting concludes the ninth scheduled discussion between the two parties. Another is planned on June 11 to discuss the role of guerrilla entities in Colombia once peace is achieved.

Other aspects of the talks will include the handling of the illicit drug problem, victim reparation and the establishment of a final agreement.

Photo: Luis Eduardo Bernal M. via Wikimedia Commons


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