Botswana: produce import ban put in doubt

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Botswana: produce import ban put in doubt

The Botswanan government has denied statements that it banned produce imports in reaction to an Asian fruit fly outbreak, according to Africa Review.fruit _ recetasdelujo _com

The Kenyan publication reported Tuesday that a Ministry of Agriculture statement clarified no such ban has been imposed.

In a statement to, Ministry of Agriculture spokesperson Geoffrey Pheko said, "I was misquoted by the media and they have since corrected that mistake."

He directed further inquiries to a government website, last updated on quarantine measures on May 10.

An outbreak of the Asian fruit fly in the northern region of Botswana created a scare earlier in the month and prompted a quarantine of the affected farms.

The possibility of a fruit and vegetable import ban sparked doubt over whether the country would be able to feed itself without foreign produce.

Africa Review reported previously that Botswana relies heavily on South Africa to meet its food needs.

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