India: panel suggests tougher import controls for pesticides

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India: panel suggests tougher import controls for pesticides

A Delhi government committee has recommended stricter pesticide controls for fruits and vegetables imported into India, according to the Hindustan Times.pinapples_ffp

The panel reportedly suggested tougher standards to the high court on Wednesday for imported exotic fruits, in particular.

"No fruit or vegetable consignment should be allowed to enter into the country without a pre-dispatch pesticide testing report by the exporter. Samples of imported fruits and vegetables should be drawn at international arrival points and monitored for pesticide residues. For this, guidelines may be drafted on a priority basis," the panel said, according to the Times of India.

Beyond imported goods, the measure would also seek to monitor pesticide levels of produce sold at markets in Delhi.

A pesticide residue management body would be controlled by the state's food commissioner and handle all issues related to residue in food products.

Overall, the guidelines seek to reel in usage of restricted pesticides on fruits and vegetables, News Track India reported.

Other measures would seek to strengthen the pesticide testing infrastructure by adding "additional working space, skilled and trained manpower and sophisticated equipment for smooth and efficient functioning of laboratory," News Track India added.

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