Peru: CEPIBO plans to raise banana yields by 50%

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Peru: CEPIBO plans to raise banana yields by 50%

The Piura Center for Small Organic Banana Grower Associations (CEPIBO) in northern Peru aims to increase yields by half with the help of improved agricultural practices, website reported. Photo 3 small small

CEPIBO president Luís Alberto Ruíz Medina told the publication the current yield was 1,500 boxes per hectare, but the goal was to reach 2,250 boxes per hectare.

"Standardized technical assistance and participation plans will be implemented, which will make the most of resources in a more efficient way," Ruíz Medina was quoted as saying.

"In addition, credit will be given to farmers so they can buy fertilizer, which will improve production."

CEPIBO has 1,220 acres of organic bananas belonging to its 754 partners, so it is estimated that under the new system production will go from 1.83 million boxes to 2.74 million boxes.

The cooperative leader expected the group to ship 800 containers this year, each with 1,080 boxes, highlighting the main markets as Germany, France, the Netherlands, Switzerland and the U.S.

He also mentioned the potential to export to Asia in 2014.

"We are in the negotiation stage, looking at issues of quality, payment, shipment volume and documents, among other things. After that stage we will move to the stage of finalizing the contract," he was quoted as saying.

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