Mini, brown tomatoes challenge consumer perception

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Mini, brown tomatoes challenge consumer perception

Canadian greenhouse grower Mastronardi Produce has garnered kudos this week for its SUNSET® Mini Kumato™ tomato, which earned the people's choice award at the Hottest Tomato Competition this week.MPL-SUNSET_Mini_Kumato_2013

Marketing director Chris Veillon spoke to about the grape-sized tomato and said the fruit's success comes down to taste.

"It’s super sweet. It doesn’t have any aftertaste. The greatest allure about it is its color. That deepish-purple, brown color is certainly very unique and draws your attention when you see it for the first time," he said.

"Much like its big sister, the Kumato, people wonder if it’s not ripe, but actually it has an exquisite taste."

Veillon added that although the color may not be what most consumers expect of a tomato, he said taste tests win over hearts.

"At first look, it may be odd but we have a variety of demos throughout North America and it has been very well received. When someone takes a bite, the expression on their face is of surprise because of the sweetness of the tomato," he said.

The tomato is currently available year round from retailers in the U.S. and Canada. The mini tomato is a smaller version of the  SUNSET® Kumato™ Simply Unique Brown Tomato.

Veillon said the company does not have any specific brand promotions planned at the moment but recommended shoppers check their local grocery story to see if the fruit is on display.


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