New Zealand considers new Psa antibiotic for kiwifruit

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New Zealand considers new Psa antibiotic for kiwifruit

A new antibiotic to fight the kiwifruit vine-killing disease Psa-V is under consideration by New Zealand's Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).kiwi_26041756

Japan's Hokko Chemical Industry Co Ltd has applied to import water-based antibiotic Kasumin 2L into the nation hard hit by the disease.

Kiwifruit Vine Health CEO Barry O’Neil told that talks were underway with Zespri and NZ Kiwifruit Growers Inc to make a joint statement for the EPA in support of the product.

According to Hokko Chemical Industry Co Ltd, the product offers lower risk to users and consumers than current alternatives, the story reported.

“It will offer an alternative to the current antibiotic KeyStrepto. We as growers currently do not have a lot of tools to manage Psa and this product may give growers the opportunity to choose what they believe will work best for them,” O’Neil told the New Zealand publication.

If approved, the antibiotic would be made available by retailers for use by orchardists and commercial growers.

Barry assured the bee industry that there would be no risk to bees and that work would be done to prevent the insect from coming into contact with the product.

According, KeyStrepo created controversy with beekeepers who did not wish to provide hives to orchards that applied the product.

Comments are being accepted by the EPA on Kasumin 2L until July 24.


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