Mexican mango exporter confident for return to U.S. market

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Mexican mango exporter confident for return to U.S. market

Mexico's Agrícola Daniella announced over the weekend that its mangoes - the source of September 2012 Salmonella alert - have been welcomed back for import into the United States.mangoes_ffp

After almost a year under Import Alert 99 – 23, Agrícola Daniella of Los Mochis expressed confidence for its reentrance to the U.S. market.

Director Daniel Ibarra Lugo explained to that the year has brought an extensive review of the company's operations

"We had to change some processes and not because the others were insufficient. We didn't want to leave any doubt that our product is clean," Ibarra Lugo said.

"We began with several changes in our business in packing and in the field to focus on best practices."

Ibarra Lugo said the company was joyous and excited for its new chapter. With a focus on safety certifications, he was confident that the Salmonella scare could be left in the past.

"I don't think there will be a major impact on the company, to be honest. If you go to the FDA homepage, you’ll see that every day there are recalls, not only from small businesses but also from big ones," he explained.

"We expect to be better than before because our product is not only of quality but it's safe, and certified by various private and government entities. Many other producers are not certified. They should be worried. It's very important to ensure safe products," he said.

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