Australia investigates possible fruit dumping from South Africa, Italy

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Australia investigates possible fruit dumping from South Africa, Italy

The Australian government has launched an over US$20 million anti-dumping program with its sights set on allegations against the South African and Italian fruit industries.peaches_15949477

At the commission's launch, home affairs minister Jason Clare said anti-dumping concerns have arisen from a number of industries, including produce.

"In recent times we've seen investigations into the building industry - steel, aluminum, timber - but we've also seen dumping happen with food products," Clare said in

"We've got an investigation which kicks off today [Wednesday] into peaches imported from South Africa and tomatoes imported from Italy."

The complaints against South Africa and Italy have been brought by Australian fruit-packing company SPC Ardmona, the first organization to have its complaint investigated by the commission.

"They [South African peaches] are 65% of the problem at the moment," said managing director Peter Kelly.

The commission is expected to report on the case in two to six months.

Kelly said, however, that making the case for the company's claims will not be easy.

"You've got to prepare an economic case to prove the financials of a company in another country," he said in

"That's very hard to do because obviously they don't help in giving you information ... that they have been dumping products."

Interested parties will be able to submit applications to the commission until Aug. 19.

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