Brazil releases black grape variety

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Brazil releases black grape variety

Brazil's Agriculture Research Corporation (Embrapa) has released a new black table grape variety called BRS Núbia.

The seeded variety is considered less labor intensive and has a uniform color, said Embrapa grape researcher, João Dimas Garcia Maia. SONY DSCThe fruit presents a uniform, black color when grown under warm-weather conditions in a suptropical or tropical semi-arid climate.

BRS Núbia is considered an important development for Brazil's black grape production.

According to Dimas, the only similar grape variety currently available comes from a spontaneous mutation from the Benitaka variety known as Brasil. When mature, however, this variety does not develop a strong color. The variety also requires extensive labor.

Compared to the Brasil variety, BRS Núbia has a short production cycle that demands less pesticide treatment.

The new grape variety also grades well in terms of sizing, coming in between 24 and 34 milimeters. Bunches average 450 grams. Brix varies between 16° and 20°.

Embrapa has named several licensed nurseries for seedling preservation during 2014. The companies include Beifiur Ltda., Rasip Agropastoril Ltda., Vitácea Brasil and Clone Viveiros.


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