Brazil lowers requirements for Chilean avocados -

Brazil lowers requirements for Chilean avocados

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Brazil lowers requirements for Chilean avocados

The Brazilian government announced Thursday that it would lower import requirements on Chilean avocados, easing access to Latin America's largest consumer market. avocados _ Mission _ small

Chilean minister of agriculture Luis Mayol expressed satisfaction over the announcement that should allow more Chilean producers to export their fruit.

"It is really a success to have decreased phytosanitary measures for the certification of our avocado, especially the removal of washing and waxing, which made it impossible for many national producers to export," Mayol said.

"Although Brazil is a notable avocado producer, its production mostly goes to export, which means volume sold on the local market is very low. Their production also only lasts until September. This means Chile could complement domestic supply during those remaining months."

Chile is currently the second largest avocado exporter in the world. Hass production reaches around 200,000 tons (MT), according to the Chilean Department of Agriculture.

Planted area for Chilean avocado grew 4.4% between 2000 and 2012. Exports over the same period grew 4.8%.

A much larger variety of avocado is traditionally consumed in the Brazilian market, commonly in the form of smoothies.

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