Europe looks forward to larger apple and pear volume

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Europe looks forward to larger apple and pear volume

Apple production in the European Union is expected to grow 7% this season compared to 2012, while pear production should grow 18%, the World Apple and Pear Association (WAPA) reported Friday.apples and pears ffp

European apples are expected to come in at a total of 10.8 million tons (MT), 6% higher than the three-year average. Golden Delicious will lead production with 11% growth and 2.5 million MT of production. Gala will follow with 7% growth and 1.2 million MT of production. Idared is expected to come in a close third with 8% growth and 1.1 million MT of production.

Other Northern Hemisphere nations expected to see apple crop growth will be the United States (15%), Turkey (10%) and the Ukraine (5%). China and Russia should decrease, however, at -8% and -14% respectively.

Although overall North American apple supply is expected to rise, more of this fruit will go to processing. As a result, fresh apple supply is expected to remain similar to last year.

Quality for the fruit should be good and size should be slightly below average.

For pears, the European crop is forecast to reach 2.2 million MT, 2% lower than the three-year average. The top yielding variety, Conference, is expected to grow 14% to 794,000 MT. Abate F is expected to grow 20% to 308,000 MT, while William BC should decline by 10% to 279,000 MT.

Pear growth was also expected in the U.S. (4%), Turkey (4%) and the Ukraine (2%). China and Russia were expected to decrease in the category as well at -5% and -14%, respectively.

The apple and pear harvest in Europe will start up to one month later than normal due to late flowering and a cool spring. Once the season begins, Europe should enter a good market with low remaining supply from the Southern Hemisphere.

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