Mexican papaya variety promises high yield

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Mexican papaya variety promises high yield

Mexican researchers have released the new high-yielding papaya variety that is expected to satisfy both domestic and export markets.

The MSXJ variety, which is a cross of red-fleshed cultivars, is slated to have high heat tolerance during flowering and fruit development, according to its developers at the National Institute for Forestry, Agriculture and Livestock (INIFAP).

Its heat endurance, as well as size and disease resistance, is an inherited trait from parent variety Maradol.mexicopapaya

During evaluations in Michoacán, the hybrid yielded 132 tons (MT) of fruit per hectare, compared to Maradol's 71MT.

INIFAP estimated that it will be possible to increase production by 53.7% over current Maradol output.

Average national production in Mexico currently comes in at 50.11 MT per hectare. In Michoacán, production is lower at 32.3MT per hectare.

MSXJ is recommended for planting in the spring and summer months of May or June in Mexico, with 2,500 plants per hectare.

More than 2,000 hectares of papaya are currently planted in Michoacán, according to Mexico's Secretariat of Agriculture, Livestock, Rural Development, Fisheries and Food (SAGARPA).

Last year, Mexico harvested an estimated 14,226ha and produced almost 713,000MT.

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