HortNZ takes a stab at Australian tomatoes

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HortNZ takes a stab at Australian tomatoes

Horticulture New Zealand has raised concerns over the approval of irradiated Australian tomatoes and peppers - known as capsicums in both countries - for import, claiming not enough has been done by the government to communciate labeling requirements. tomates_69588757 small

The irradiation process is used to protect New Zealand from Queensland Fruit Fly, but in a release HortNZ said rules about irradiation labeling were not well understood by retailers, suppliers or consumers.

"Kiwis deserve to know if the tomatoes and capsicums they are eating are from Australia and irradiated.  Irradiation treatment concerns a lot of people," HortNZ chief executive Peter Silcock said.

"Kiwis do not get enough information about the origin of the food they buy and eat.  Now they need to be able to tell the difference between Australian and New Zealand tomatoes.

"New Zealand tomatoes and capsicums are never irradiated. Kiwis can continue to eat locally grown tomatoes and capsicums with confidence."

All importers and food retailers serving or selling irradiated tomatoes and capsicums must now either label the item or have a label displayed close to it stating it has been treated with ionising radiation.



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