U.S.: avocado board invests US$1M in Peruvian promotions

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U.S.: avocado board invests US$1M in Peruvian promotions

Peruvian Avocado Commission president Carlos Enrique Camet has told website Elcomercio.pe that more than US$1 million was invested in promoting the country's avocados in the United States last year. avocado_81589066

The funds were raised through a US$0.05 import tax that is collected and redistributed by the Hass Avocado Board for general marketing efforts.

Around 30% of these funds went toward marketing in the U.S. Northwest and 70% on the East Coast, Camet told the Peruvian publication.

"It seeks to create association between avocados and Peru, since consumers there are more familiar with Mexican avocado," Camet said.

In 2013, Peru exported a total of 110,000MT of avocados, 50,000MT of which went to the United States, Camet told Elcomercio.pe.

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