Peru's table grape production expected to rise 15.8% next year

October 22 , 2014

Peruvian table grape production is predicted to shoot up 15.8% in 2015 thanks largely to new plantings and improved agricultural practices leading to better crop yields, according to constancy group MAXIMIXE. grapes red and white - water droplet

The organization said total crop expectations for the year should reach 587,800 metric tons (MT), with much of the production growth coming from the coastal areas of Lambayeque, Arequipa, Ica and Piura.

Over the same period, exports of fresh grapes are expected to grow 21.4% to around 305,700MT, equivalent to US$771.8 million.

MAXIMIXE said in a report the growth would predominantly be driven by increased shipments to Asia – most notably China – increased consumption of seedless grapes, and growing demand in emerging markets such as Oman, Bulgaria, Gabon, Cameroon and Georgia.

Another reason was that prices during 2015 prices will likely be very attractive for Peruvian exporters, since the U.S. is set to have lower production volumes as many growers replace their old grape vines.

The report added that by the end of 2014, Peru’s production would reach around 507,400MT, a 15.5% year-on-year increase, due to biggest harvests in certain regions. The value of exports this year is also expected to be about 43.5% higher than 2013.

2014’s growth expectations are mainly based on increased demand from Asian countries including China and Hong Kong, Thailand and South Korea.



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