BanaBay to make baby banana debut in Berlin next year

December 04 , 2014

Baby bananas geared towards the children's market will be showcased by BanaBay at next year's Fruit Logisitica event in Berlin. banabayLOGO

'BanaBino' baby bananas, along with Tommy Atkins and Kent variety of mangoes, will be making a debut next February, according to the fruit supplier.

Grown in Ecuador, the mini bananas are the smaller version of BanaBay's premium Cavendish variety and are being brought onboard to appeal to children as a healthy snack and school lunch box filler.

In a release, BanaBay says it had extended its portfolio and sourcing footprint significantly over the last year.

In addition to the plantations it owns in Ecuador, it has now sourced agreements with growers in Peru, the Dominican Republic, Mexico and the Philippines.