Ecuadorian mango industry hopes for Chinese market access by October

January 16 , 2015

The Mango Ecuador Foundation is optimistic about gaining access to the Chinese market before next season, but is still waiting on official confirmation from the government.

Johnny Jara

Johnny Jara

Executive director Johnny Jara told he had been given indications Chinese officials would be happy to adopt a similar hot water treatment protocol to the process used for U.S.-bound exports.

“We have been working on this issue for a number of years, and from what I understand there will likely be an opening before the next season starts in October,” Jara said.

“I often speak to my colleagues in the Peruvian mango industry, and while they say the sales in the Chinese market are not so big, in any case we have to open up new markets.

“First the Chinese market will be opened, and then we are aiming for Japan and Korea. However, Japan is more complicated as they need more research – tests have to be done.”

A delegation of Ecuadorian government officials recently visited China.

The executive added the Ecuadorian mango season would be finishing up soon.


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