Seald Sweet expands Mexican grape program -

Seald Sweet expands Mexican grape program

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Seald Sweet expands Mexican grape program

Florida-based fruit trader Seald Sweet International has announced an expansion in its deciduous commodity division, aimed at increasing production of its Mexican grape program through long-term commitments and substantial financial investments. FLAMES - Seald Sweet - sq

The company said the move was in line with its growth strategies for the North American market, with significant growth in the Hermosillo and Caborca areas of Mexico.

"We are thrilled about this additional product supply for a number of reasons," Seald Sweet CEO Mayda Sotomayor said in a release.

"Continued development and growth of this category has been an important part of our strategic plan.

"This enables our company to better serve our customers by meeting their needs in the grape category."

Seald Sweet executive vice president Mark Lewis added  the long-term commitments would allow for the delivery of fresh, quality grapes in promotional volumes from the beginning of the Mexican harvest all the way to the end.

"It's a great program and we are excited for this growth," he said.

The expansion is in line with the overall vision of Seald Sweet and parent company Univeg of advancing in the United States and North American markets.

"The goal is to continue to develop product access and ties in North America, complementing our built-in global network with the UNIVEG Group," Sotomayor said.

"Seald Sweet is the gateway to the North American markets for the UNIVEG Group and we are very privileged to have these opportunities in front of us."

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