Germany: Organic produce prices rise in H1 -

Germany: Organic produce prices rise in H1

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Germany: Organic produce prices rise in H1

Unfavorable weather conditions led to supply shortages for a wide range of organic fruits and vegetables in Germany during the first half of 2015, although pome fruit and potatoes were two key exceptions. shutterstock_88634395 leafy greens

In a recent report, Bonn-based consultancy Agrarmarkt Informations-Gesellschaft mbH (AMI) said organic vegetable prices were up 5.2%, while organic fruit prices were stable despite an upward trend for the majority of items.

AMI reported organic leafy greens and cabbage were 12% more expensive, carrots cost consumers 6.8% more year-on-year and a head of lettuce was priced €0.50 higher.

Scarce supply meant organic strawberry prices rose 14.3% for the period, but an abundant harvest in the previous year for pome fruit meant average prices for apples and pears were down 11.5%.

The group highlighted organic potatoes were 5.1% cheaper in the first half, despite the fact early season organic potatoes from Egypt were banned in April due to concerns over chemical residue traces.


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