Subsole and Westfalia create Colombian avocado company -

Subsole and Westfalia create Colombian avocado company

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Subsole and Westfalia create Colombian avocado company

Chilean avocado exporter Subsole has joined forces with South African former competitor Westfalia to create a year-round supply, according to El Mercurio. avocado_1516706 third

The publication said production seasons in Chile and South Africa left an open window from May to July, but now both organizations had created a new company together to export from Colombia during that time period.

Subsole president Miguel Allamand said as there were no avocados to export from May to July consumers tended to buy Spanish fruit, but he reportedly said it was not of optimum quality.

"We are transforming international competition into international collaboration, instead of competing for the markets, we will go to the markets together," Allamand was quoted as saying by El Mercurio.

"What we both need is to go in with a product that is of consistent quality for the whole time. We will start the year shipping South African avocado, then Colombian avocado, then finally Chilean avocado."

To implement this project Subsole and Westfalia formed a new entity under Colombian law. The new company, Westsole, has bought 200 hectares of land and is currently planting the avocados, according to El Mercurio.

The publication reported the land had become available due to the declining power of rebel group the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC).


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