May the force of fruit be with you -

May the force of fruit be with you

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May the force of fruit be with you

Sales of Star Wars-themed fresh fruit are expected to surge this week as the latest movie in the Disney franchise goes on general release around the world.

Yoda grapes, BB-8 oranges and Darth Vader apples are among the fruit range on U.S. shelves to coincide with much-anticipated movie 'Star Wars: The Force Awakens'.

Unveiled by Disney Consumer Products (DCP), the Stars Wars branded citrus is grown by Dayka Hackett, and Yoda grapes packaging by Four Star.

According to a DCP release, all the produce meets nutritional guidelines put in place by the Walt Disney Company.

"Supporting parents by offering healthy, nutritious options for their kids is of utmost importance to The Walt Disney Company and adding family-favorite Star Wars to our licensed fruit and veggies portfolio is a natural extension of our commitment in this space," says DCP vice president of licensing and consumables, John T King.

The Stars Wars theme follows a previous campaign to push fruit sales featuring designs from Marvel's Avengers and Disney's Frozen.

Meanwhile, in a galaxy far, far away, social media is buzzing with pictures, posts and comments about the Star Wars fruit with many Twitter and Reddit users joking about Disney maximizing merchandise opportunities.

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