Chilean cherry exports fall 20% -

Chilean cherry exports fall 20%

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Chilean cherry exports fall 20%

Chilean cherry exports decreased 20% year-on-year as of mid-February to 80,626 metric tons (MT), according to figures from national statistics office ODEPA.

In conversation with, Chile's Cherry Committee president Cristian Tagle explained the dip in exports and why the season is ending up better than expected.

"Volumes [of cherry exports] were lower [year-on-year]. Volumes of consignments shipped before Dec. 10-15 were down by 70%," Tagle said.

"In the last three weeks, shipping volumes recovered somewhat, which improved the shortage to around a 20% decrease year-on-year. And prices improved as well."

According to cherry consultant Carlos Tapia, exports of the fruit reached 17 million boxes, compared to 20 million boxes exported last season.

"The end of the season in Chile Chico contributed significantly [to the recovery in volume], more than we thought it would," said Tapia.

Cherry volumes from the Metropolitan, VI and VIII Regions had the greatest impact [on the drop in volume] as a result of the buildup of lower temperatures in spring during the flowering period.


Although Chile saw lower volumes of cherry exports, the quality of the fruit was better than expected.

"There are a few exceptions to this, such as some of the early-season Royal Dawn cherries, and more general problems such as splitting and greening," Tapia said.

"[This could be explained by] a physiological disorder associated with the differentiation in the flowering season which occurred the summer before."

"In general it was a good season, with even quality among all the different brands of cherries exported."

The main markets for Chilean cherry exports were China, followed by the U.S., Hong Kong, Brazil and Taiwan.


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