China halts kiwiberry imports -

China halts kiwiberry imports

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China halts kiwiberry imports

A revision of the scientific definition of kiwiberry has led Chinese authorities to ban imports of the fruit as of yesterday. Kiwiberry

Previously, the General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine's (AQSIQ) had allowed imports of the crop, technically known as Actinidia arguta due to its similarity to kiwifruit, Actinidia Chinensis.

However, the recent revision establishes the kiwiberry as a separate species and therefore any exporting countries of the crop will need to undertake new market access negotiations.

Key kiwiberry-growing countries include New Zealand, France, Italy and Chile.

Joyvio Golden Wing Mau vice general manager Raymond Jin told New Zealand had traditionally been the company's main supplier of the fruit.

"It is strange news but kiwiberries don't have a lot of volume so there's not going to be a massive impact on sales," Jin said.

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