Spain: Torrential rains wipe €172M from Valencian ag sector -

Spain: Torrential rains wipe €172M from Valencian ag sector

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Spain: Torrential rains wipe €172M from Valencian ag sector

Citrus fruits and farming infrastructure were the hardest hit from torrential rains that started in the Spanish region of Valencia on Friday, with a representative body estimating agricultural sector losses in the area of €172 million (US$179 million). ava-asaja-water-damages

In a release, the Valencian Farmers Association (AVA-ASAJA) said some areas received 200 liters (52 gallons) of water per square meter (11 square feet), with key affected industries including citrus, persimmons, vegetables and livestock.

The group said 40% of mid-season mandarins were yet to be harvested and were "lost practically entirely" as a result of the devastating event.

"The wind has also thrown a lot of fruit to the ground. The economic value of the mandarin harvest whose commercialization will become impossible for the reasons mentioned above exceeds €50 million (US$52 million)," AVA-ASAJA said.

The organization said in terms of oranges, 30% of production was affected for the remaining crop, mostly involving late varieties such as Navelinas with damages estimated at €40 million (US$42 million).

In terms of persimmons, technicians from AVA-ASAJA estimate 30% of the crop was yet to be harvested, and around 15% of that fruit would not be fit for commercialization, representing losses of around €12 million (US$15.7 million).




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