SanLucar's apricot season gets underway across Spain and Turkey

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SanLucar's apricot season gets underway across Spain and Turkey

With the beginning of the European stonefruit campaign, Spanish produce company SanLucar is now at "full capacity" for what it says is the largest project for new apricot varieties in the continent. 

The company said 270 hectares were dedicated to the cultivation of early and late apricot varieties, which are now producing their first fruits this season.

The apricots are primarily grown in Murcia in southeastern Spain, but this year they will also come from Turkey where the company grows the fruit with local partners.

The climate in Turkey is described as being "perfect" for apricot production, with "ideal" conditions to grow the fruits at different altitudes. This allows SanLucar to prolong the campaign until the end of September.

“The apricot is a delicate fruit, but with high potential," SanLucar Group CEO Stephan Rötzer said.

"It is ideal for children due to its size and taste, it is very healthy and easy to take anywhere. For all of these reasons, we want to encourage its consumption a lot more.”

“During the last three years, we have been focusing on selecting from the latest generations of fruit trees and the newest varieties. The goal is always to obtain a product with the best taste and quality.”

The head of the multinational also highlighted that varietal selection was a "constantly evolving project".

“It is a very dynamic process," he said.

"Our research and development team dedicates itself daily to identify varieties that best meet our standards as a premium brand."

For the current campaign, SanLucar is emphasizing on the product's presentation at the point of sale. The company said the with the new design, the apricot is well protected, preserving its quality by avoiding direct contact with the fruit.


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