Freshmax receives 'sensational' feedback from Munch’n kiwiberry campaign -

Freshmax receives 'sensational' feedback from Munch’n kiwiberry campaign

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Freshmax receives 'sensational' feedback from Munch’n kiwiberry campaign

New Zealand-based produce company Freshmax says its recent multi-channel promotional campaign for its Munch’n-branded kiwiberries delivered 'incredible results' in key Asian markets. 

"The brand continues to receive sensational feedback from the market, and the engagement received by the brand shows that consumers agree,” export manager Tracey Burns said.

The 2017 campaign saw a strong media presence married with constant engagement, with a range of sampling sessions in-store as well as point of sale and merchandising in place.

In Hong Kong Freshmax ran a social media and trade marketing campaign for six weeks during the season.

“Consumers related incredibly well to the fun and playful nature of the brand,” Burns said.

“We had dozens of parents posting photos of their kids enjoying the product, of it going in to lunch boxes, in breakfast bowls… the engagement was incredible.”

The campaign also reached Japanese markets where what started as a small online, print and media campaign ended up with a total reach of more than 800,000 people.

“This was our first year of ranging Munch’n in Japan, so it has been great to see such strong product interest as well as online engagement” states Burns. “The decision to deliver local language messaging with some of our marketing paid off well too,” Burns added.

Marketing manager Matthew Crouch said it was great to see the mutli-channel approach spreading to more of Freshmax's brands.

“Tracey and the team have done a great job of developing and launching a fun and playful brand into a diverse range of Asian markets," he said.

“I am really excited with the plans already underway for next year’s season and to see how we can continue to innovate with our approach to product promotion and market launch."

Freshmax has further campaigns planned for its easy-peel seedless mandarin varieties -  Gold Nugget, Tangold and Sumo Citrus.

Other campaigns to watch out for include Starletta and Lani, two premium New Zealand cherry brands also headed up by Tracey Burns’ export team.

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