Spanish govt condemns French peach dumping outside consulate

July 13 , 2017

The Spanish Government has criticised a French group of farmers who recently dumped several tons peaches outside its consulate in the southern French city of Perpignan.

The growers were protesting about what they see as excessively high volumes of fruit coming from Spain into the French market, which had driven down prices to unsustainable levels.

In a statement, Spain’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs slammed the protesters’ actions.

“This constitutes an unacceptable act of pressure and a threat to the free operation of the consulate workers agreed upon under the 1963 Vienna Convention on Consular Relations,” it said.

“The Spanish Government trusts that the French authorities will quickly identify those responsable for this act and take opportune measures to avoid something like this happening again in the future.

“Spain has officially passed on its complaint to the French authorities, urging them to take all measures to guarantee the operations of consular workers.”


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