U.K.: Tesco brings fruit to the fore in new year health drive

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U.K.: Tesco brings fruit to the fore in new year health drive

British retailer Tesco has announced its backing for Public Health England's (PHE) Change4Life campaign to promote healthier snacks, including in-store point of sale (POS) and online marketing materials with a significant presence for fruit.

In a release, the company said items on show under Change4Life branding would include Pink Lady Apple Snack Packs, Goodness Strawberry Cereal bars and Tesco Pineapple Pieces in Juice. 

Online, Tesco will use innovative technology in partnership with SpoonGuru to allow customers to quickly and simply find 130 healthier snacks containing 100 calories or less.

Tesco U.K. CEO Matt Davies said the move was part of a wider program to help colleagues and customers stay healthy.

"We know that our customers want us to help them eat more healthily and it can be particularly difficult to encourage children to eat healthy snacks," Davies said.

"By promoting a wide range of snacks, aligned with Public Health England’s campaign, we hope to make it easier for families to make a healthier start to the year."

PHE chief executive Duncan Selbie said Tesco's support for Change4Life and its wider efforts to make eating healthy easier were highly valued.

"Half of the sugar children eat and drink is coming from unhealthy snacks and sugary drinks. The Change4Life campaign is our way of giving parents a helping hand to make healthier choices for their children," Selbie said.

In another release, PHE highlighted selected supermarkets were supporting the campaign, also including Co-op which will "provide tasty and healthy snacking products, making it easier for customers to make healthier choices on the go".

Parents can also get money-off vouchers from Change4Life to help them try healthier snack options, including malt loaf, lower-sugar fromage frais, and drinks with no added sugar.

"The true extent of children’s snacking habits is greater than the odd biscuit or chocolate bar. Children are having unhealthy snacks throughout the day and parents have told us they’re concerned," said PHE chief nutritionist Dr. Alison Tedstone.

"To make it easier for busy families, we’ve developed a simple rule of thumb to help them move towards healthier snacking – look for 100 calories snacks, two a day max."

Other Tesco healthy eating initiatives include:

  • Helpful ‘little swaps’ – at the front of all large stores a helpful basket comparison will highlight ten ‘little swaps’ that are lower in sat fat, salt and sugar. Taken together the ten little swaps will be 18% lower in price than the less healthy alternative basket. Additionally, 60 healthier alternatives will be highlighted under a ‘Helpful Little Swaps’ banner in-store and online.
  • Weekly Little Helps – each week in January Tesco will offer lower prices on fresh fruit and vegetables in store and online, including apples, avocados and salad tomatoes.
  • Food Love Stories advertising – Tesco will promote the recipe for ‘Nana’s Magic Soup’, offering 2 of your 5 a day per portion, on TV and offer 25% off all ingredients – alongside other Food Love Stories spanning all meal occasions, offering inspiration on healthier cooking.
  • Free Fruit for Kids – increased communication of Tesco’s pioneering Free Fruit for Kids scheme in stores which has seen kids enjoy over 32 million pieces of fruit since launch in 2017.




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