Spain: Bonafrú de Bonares expansion leads to spike in strawberry volume

January 03 , 2018

Andalusian horticultural cooperative Bonafrú de Bonares has increased its strawberry production 35% year-on-year thanks to a cultivation expansion on its El Canario farm in western Huelva, website reported. 

Bonafrú president Manuel Limón told the publication the group acquired the property more than a year ago with an investment of just over €6 million.

The story reported the directors who have started to work on the farm, Juan José Agrafojo and Jaime Pavón, also planned to grow blueberries and raspberries. 

The directors reported water was guaranteed for irrigation in the part of the province where the farm is located, while the main strawberry varieties planted were Rociera from Fresa Nuevo Materiales (FNM) and Fortuna from California’s Ekland Marketing Company (EmcoCal).

Speaking with the news site, both Agrafojo and Pavón highlighted hot weather conditions in the fall/autumn period for planting, reaching temperatures of 38°C. 

Agrafojo told the publication this meant it was necessary to use sprinkler irrigation after planting.

Limón told the publication Bonafrú’s season was set to start around late February.



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